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Welcome, 2021 

I owe you an apology. I promised to do many things this year, but it has turned out that battling cancer is a full-time job. Everything else has pretty much fallen by the wayside. Fortunately, I feel surrounded by the love and support of family, friends and fans. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, wishes and prayers. 

The good news is that, after a full year of treatment, the stage-four lung cancer is down to almost nothing. The bad news is that I’ve found something I’m really good at, and that is getting cancer. I’ve now developed another type, unrelated to the first. Counting the two bouts of colon cancer a decade ago, this means I’m fighting round four even before the bell has rung on round three. Fortunately, they caught it early. The doctors seem confident an aggressive program of chemo and radiation should knock it out. 

But aggressive chemo and radiation are no fun, and this will take some time. Meanwhile, projects like the Brains reissue album are just beyond me right now. Everything’s looking good, and as soon as I have the strength and stamina I’ll get back on it. I hope you understand. 

Here’s wishing you happy holidays. Let’s hope that 2021 is a better year for all of us. I’d like to see you in it.



Back on Track 

After a months-long hiatus for the pandemic, we've got our tapes back -- sixteen reels, well baked and digitized. Our thanks to Matt Leatherman of Preserve South, who did an amazing job. Now it's on to listening, sorting and preparing masters and artwork for release. We'll keep you posted on the date. But it will be soon, we hope.

Baking Tapes 

My friend Jeff Calder of The Swimming Pool Qs and I took some old master tapes of The Brains to a place he knows to be baked and digitized.

It's an amazing scene. They’re digitizing all of “Mr. Rogers”, “Austin City Limits”, “Eyes on the Prize”, and truckloads more. 

Matt Leatherman will bake the tapes in ovens for days so they won’t crumble to dust when played. Then he will "migrate" the music to super-high-definition digital. 

Things are moving along. I hope to announce our first digital release date to you soon.

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